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Case Study

Metal stamping company Garita Automotive increases efficiency and flexibility with new sustainable lubrication system

Metal stamping lubrication system Garita Automotive


Sept. 21

Garita Automotive is specialized in metal stamping for the automotive industry. Until recently they were using a roller and drip system to lubricate the sheets before they were pressed into shape. This system lead to a couple of quality and efficiency issues.

The main problem was the lack of homogeneity with the finished product. Since these days even the smallest irregularities can lead to call-backs and unhappy customers it was essential for Garita Automotive to take back control over the quality of the final product.

Secondly, excessive oil use from the roller and drip system caused some severe sustainability issues. Oil mist and standing puddles of oil were typical safety concerns. The wasteful process also caused rising costs.

Clearly it was time to look into an improved solution to satisfy the company’s high quality standards.

Future-proof spraying system

Replacing the old system also gave Garita Automotive the opportunity to update and future-proof the entire process. As the world leader in spray technology Spraying Systems Co. was consulted to develop a solution that would deliver on the following goals:

  • • 5 different types of oil
  • • 200 different recipes
  • • Ensure stable oil viscosity throughout the year
  • • Accurate oil quantity control per piece 
  • • Avoid oil mist

Thanks to our large selection of standardized AutoJet® lubrication systems we were able to meet Garita Automotive’s expectations. After extensive testing of different scenarios at their facilities we finally decided on the following setup:

  • • 32l separate oil tanks to store 5 types of oil
  • • Temperature control to ensure constant viscosity
  • • Remote control recipe selection
  • • Siemens touchscreen with custom software
  • • Pumping cabinet with a combination of the AutoJet® P400 and L210 systems


First of all the finished products are now more homogenous than before. In addition the ability to use 5 different oils with a single system also gives Garita Automotive a lot more flexibility to create a variety of pieces. Customers can now also supply parts with their own patented oils more easily.

Another major advantage about the new system is the increased efficiency of the oil consumption. Compared with the previous solution Garita Automotive is now saving about 50% in oil costs.

The more efficient use of resources also leads to a number of sustainability improvements. Limiting the oil use to a minimum has eliminated oil mist and prevents puddles from building up on the floor. This creates a safer, healthier work environment and saves a lot of cleaning time and associated wastewater that needs to be disposed of appropriately.

Altogether the savings amount to a payback period of about 8 months. Garita Automotive was satisfied with the results and have ordered an additional system for one of their other presses as well.