Automated Spray Systems

AutoJet® LEO Oscillator

Automated Spray Systems

AutoJet® LEO Oscillator

The AutoJet® LEO for Oscillating Spray Pipes uses precise movement to ensure continuous and uniform application of the spray for various applications.

The AutoJet® LEO (Linear Electronic Oscillator) can be used for various applications. By precisely moving the spray nozzles along with the surface that needs to be sprayed we can guarantee efficient spray performance and results. The system can be used for any application with (slightly) moving targets.

AutoJet LEO Oscillator for the Paper and Pulp Industry

Oscillator For Paper Applications

The controlled, smooth movement of showers across the felt from the AutoJet® LEO® Oscillator ensures optimal application with minimal water usage. In addition, the assembly is durable, easy to operate, easy to install and can be used with showers from 1-1/2" to 6" pipe sizes up to 12 m in length.

  • Even distribution of water ensure uniform cleaning across the entire felt face
  • Users can easily and precisely control stroke and speed; settings can be stored or adjusted on- the-fly. Alarm messages display if the controller detects operational problems
  • Operating parameters can be pre-programmed prior to delivery to further simplify set-up
  • Durable construction – waterproof design withstands washdown; all wetted parts are constructed of 316 stainless steel
  • Easy integration into existing lines
  • Integrated proximity sensors use closed-loop communication to monitor stroke position and provide system protection
  • Minimal maintenance
AutoJet LEO Oscillator for Scum Removal

Oscillator for Scum Removal

Scum is removed from the surface of the water in the clarifier using so-called scum troughs. These scum troughs are usually adjusted manually using a spindle. To make adjustments, the service technician stands on the bridge about 2-3 m above the clarification tank and estimates the ideal immersion depth of the front edge of the scum trough. However, exact adjustment is very difficult and prone to errors from this position.

Furthermore, the immersion depth set is only stable for a short time because the water level can change quickly with respect to the edge of the scum trough. This means no floating solids are removed, or only the water below the solids is removed.

The AutoJet® LEO Oscillator offers:

  • Optimal removal performance and increased efficiency of the clarifier
  • Measurement of the water and floating solids level
  • Control of the skimmer edge using the high precision 300W LEO actuator
  • Durable construction - protection class IP 67 for safe operation in wet areas
  • Easy to operate control unit – speed and stroke can be adjusted by the user. Settings can be adjusted and saved during operation. Operating parameters can be preprogrammed.
  • Integrated proximity switch to monitor the vertical position and protect the overall system
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