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Sustainability Tip

Sustainability Tip: Capitalise on 3D nozzle printing and other new manufacturing technologies

Weekly sustainability tip


Sep 19

At Spraying Systems we have been investing in the latest manufacturing technologies since our founding over 80 years ago. To remain the world’s largest nozzle supplier, it is essential we investigate new technology – like 3D nozzle printing – that can help us to improve our products and deliver better results to our customers. 

Subtractive manufacturing – like traditional nozzle manufacturing

Starting in the 30’s with traditional lathes, we progressed to adding CNC and automatic chucker machines. All to give our customers the highest quality spray nozzles for their demanding applications.  These subtractive manufacturing processes continue to develop, and we will continue to invest in the highest quality machinery. But we haven’t stopped there.  

Additive manufacturing – like 3D nozzle printing

Lately, we have also seen the emergence of a totally new manufacturing approach: additive manufacturing. This new approach is arguably the biggest game-changer since the industrial revolution. It makes it possible to add material rather than subtract from a larger piece. This opens a whole new world of possibilities to our designers to create radically new and exciting products. Because we can print metal, we can build a nozzle from the ground up, enabling us to design ever more complex chambers and internal flows. 

As a direct consequence of using the latest manufacturing techniques, we are now able to design nozzles with improved pressure and atomization results. This is already saving valuable resources to customers around the world and is helping them to make their spray application a more sustainable part of their production process.

The first results: the EcoFloMax

One of the first results of 3D nozzle printing that we are currently offering is the EcoFlomax nozzle. This new and improved FloMax gas cooling nozzle is 35% more efficient than the previous version. Depending on your process the higher efficiency can be an important boost towards reaching your sustainability goals.