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Opticoat®: Embellish your bottles and mask scuffing

Opticoat for embellishing bottles and masking scuffing


Jul 20

Packaging strategy is one of the key factors in the food & beverage industry. Producers that are using returnable glass bottles are always looking to increase the bottles’ service life, reach sustainability goals and keep costs to a minimum. Unfortunately, the longer bottles are used, the more scuffed they get. This impacts brand image, and ultimately, market share. 

By combining the know-how of one of the most innovative chemical producers – Arkema – and the leading spray technology company we have created OptiCoat®, a unique product to eliminate scuffing. The system is currently already being used by one of the leading bottle recyclers in Germany.

How to mask scuffing and embellish bottles?

The OptiCoat® system protects your bottles by combining Arkema and Spraying Systems experience and technology:

  • • Arkema’s new Opticoat® grade 240 chemical agent
  • • Spraying Systems’ optimized and compact single line applicator with PulsaJet® nozzles. This system takes advantage of pulse width modulation technology to apply a very precise amount of chemical to your reusable bottles for an efficient application of the chemicals.
  • • Service and remote assistance for optimal results.

Interested to learn more about this sustainable solution? Contact your local spray expert for a free consultation session and demonstration.