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Medium area disinfection against coronavirus

Disinfection solutions for business area large office


May 20

For disinfecting medium-size areas (office spaces, small production environments, waiting rooms, …) it is important to achieve a large coverage in a short period of time for maximum results. It is essential that the solution provides just the right amount of disinfectant for optimal protection but doesn’t damage any equipment that’s present in the room during operation.

Medium area disinfection: SprayCart

The FogJet SprayCart can be pushed into a medium-size area, set to the appropriate program and be left on its own as it provides a disinfectant fog.

The MiniFogger ensures a small droplet size for optimal disinfection results. Since it is a dry-fogger the nozzle is safe to use around computers and other electrical equipment.

Other disinfection solutions from Spraying Systems

As the global leader in spray technology we have developed a wide range of disinfection solutions that will help you to battle COVID-19 efficiently:

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