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Case Study

AutoJet E1850+ System helps insulated panel producer to improve product quality and save over 5000 pounds per month

Insulation boards


Apr 21

A producer of insulated panels needs to spray the boards with water to activate pre-applied glue and initiate a bonding process. To apply the water they were using a single air atomising gun that was traversing across the board whilst they varied the pressure to adjust the sprayed amount.

Unfortunately, an application like this is highly inaccurate. It resulted in the application of inconsistent amounts of water, which, in turn, caused the bonding process to fail.

As a result of this faulty process the company was facing rejected panels for up to £5,000/month. Clearly, something needed to be done.

AutoJet® E1850+ System with PulsaJet® Nozzles

Our local spray expert was contacted to deliver a new solution that would give the insulated panel producer more control over their application. Being able to apply the correct weight of water per board would prevent any further board rejections.

For an application like this the AutoJet® E1850+ Spraying System was the ideal solution.

To ensure a consistent spray application the system was equipment with a regulator to maintain a stable water pressure. The AutoJet® E1850+ accurately controls the traversing PulsaJet® nozzle for optimal volume control and weight consistency..


After an on site demo the insulated panel producer was convinced that the proposed solution was the way to go. Immediately after installation they began to see an increase in end product quality and a drop in the number of rejections. As an added bonus they also found that they saved £400 per month in compressed air consumption compared to their previous solution. The upshot is a more sustainable solution that’s actually saving money.