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Trade Show

4 Reasons to visit us at Symphos 2019


Sep 19

Attend the presentation of our paper: “A Numerical Study of Nozzles Used in the Injection of Molten Sulfur for Sulfuric Acid Production”

Be sure to keep an eye out to attend the presentation during the trade show. Places are limited!

Discover our sulfur burning lance

If plugging is a problem in your plant, take a look at our new CBA sulfur gun. It offers the same performance as the industry standard – our BA WhirlJet® sulfur gun – but features a new design to ensure the sulfur remains at the optimal temperature even when the flow rate is reduced.
Be sure to drop by booth N°. 1 at Symphos 2019 to find out all there is to know.

Learn about Our UD Nozzles

Looking for optimal results in gas scrubbing and cooling? There is no better choice than our Uniform Distribution (UD) FullJet Nozzles. These high-capacity full cone nozzles provide the best performance of nozzles of their kind. A special vane design produces coarse drops that are uniformly distributed throughout the full cone pattern to ensure even distribution.

Find Out All about our FloMax Nozzles

FloMax nozzles are not traditional air atomizing nozzles. Using patented multi-stage atomization processes, FloMax nozzles produce very small drops with exceptional efficiency. Compressed air use and energy consumption are low. The nozzles also offer significantly higher turndown ratios than standard air atomizing nozzles for maximum operating flexibility. There are many other features that result in better spray performance and lower operating costs so be sure to drop by our booth to learn more.

Where to find us?

You’ll find us from October 07 – 09 in the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University – Congress Center – Benguerir, Morocco, booth N°. 1