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Sustainability Tip

Sustainability Tip: Select the right nozzle


Sep 19

“Select the right nozzle“ – it sounds obvious – but each year billions of liters of chemicals and water are wasted by using the wrong nozzles for an application. That’s why we have thousands of different nozzles to choose from in a wide variety of categories:

It is easy to get lost in the different capacities, flow rates and spray angles. We find that many times it is tempting to select a higher capacity nozzle “just to make sure”. However, since over 200 billion liters flow through our products every day, even a slightly higher capacity nozzle can have a huge impact on the amount of resources that are being used.

Our R&D team is constantly looking into new technology to improve the efficiency of existing nozzles and replace traditional spray products with completely new, more sustainable, alternatives, for example: our PulsaJet® nozzle can replace traditional air atomising nozzles giving a better spray result at a lower energy cost.
To help select the right nozzle we advise contacting your local spray expert for a full spray assessment. The experience and knowledge of the Spraying Systems‘ expert will guarantee you‘ll find the perfect nozzle for your specific application and help you reach your sustainability goals.

Want to see how our nozzles can fit in your system? Be sure to check the CAD files.