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Case Study

AutoJet® aroma spray system accurately controls high speed spray application to ensure flavourful coffee capsules


Jul 19

An Italian coffee producer adds extra aroma to the capsules for an optimal beverage experience. To spray the aroma they were using hydraulic spray nozzles that were actuated pneumatically. However, since buying a new machine the nozzles were no longer able to deliver the correct amount of liquid at the required speed. The quality of the coffee capsules was starting to suffer so the manufacturer contacted us to provide an aroma spray system that could keep up with the speed and maintain a high level of accuracy for the flavour dosing.

AutoJet aroma spray system

After running extensive spray tests in the laboratory our local spray expert put together a solution that could meet the high precision requirements set forth by the customer.

The AutoJet® 1008+ accurately controls the PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles. The flavouring liquid is delivered from an 18 liter pressure tank. The pressure is regulated by a pneumatic unit and to ensure cleanliness we also added a liquid strainer. This way we have full control over the entire flavouring process and can guarantee an optimal result.


The installed AutoJet aroma spray system delivered on the coffee producer’s expectations. The capsules are accurately sprayed and nothing is wasted. This results in significant liquid savings compared to the previous method. Combined, this translates into a cost reduction of more then €1,000 a month. A huge saving for a small dose application like this one that has resulted in a quick payback period of less then one year.