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No matter what is being put into ROM Bins, from large boulders to small rocks or sand, the need for controlling dust during this transfer process is critical. The dust control experts at Spraying Systems Co. can work with your plant to create a dust control system that effectively controls airborne dust without expensive over wetting or causing maintenance problems.

To achieve adequate dust prevention, control and suppression for ROM Bins, Spraying Systems Co. has developed two effective, proven solutions. Both solutions utilize two layers of spray nozzles.

The first layer, usually the top layer, we recommend our FF FogJet® Nozzles. These nozzles provide a throw of water and dry fog coverage that wets the dumping ore, providing better dust prevention and control. 

For the second layer we recommend the following options: 

  • Air Atomizing Nozzles: These nozzles require air supply and adequate filtration. This strategy is highly effective as air atomizers produce a small droplet size with a large orifice to minimize blockages. 
  • WhirlJet® Hollow Cone Nozzles: If compressed air is not available, WhirlJet® Hollow Cone Nozzles are the alternative. These nozzles do not produce as small of a droplet size as Air Atomizing, but do provide an adequate alternative solution as a hydraulic only option.
Our dust control experts can visit you on site and provide a detailed assessment to ensure that you are adequately controlling dust generated by your ROM Bins.
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