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Chute dust solutions

Make cleaning chutes on your mine site easy, safe and highly effective with spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. 

Chutes on mine sites require frequent cleaning due to fine dust build up. Some chutes need to be cleaned multiple times per day. Not only does this result in frequent production stoppages, the process will usually require personnel to physically climb inside the chute with high pressure hoses.

Spraying Systems Co. has developed a retractable wash system with an extendable nozzle, capable of reaching the center of a chute. When the system is activated, the tank cleaning nozzle rotates up to 360°. The system can be set to clean for a specified duration; the water then switches off and the nozzle retracts into the parked position.

Our AutoJet control systems provide the most efficient solution to internal chute cleaning, reducing overall down-time whilst maintaining high cleaning standards. Further to this, our systems offer a much safer alternative to many current practices where personnel must access the chute.

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