Every day our spray technology and spray experts help companies around the world. In addition to helping customers advanced their sustainability initiatives, our spray products also help improve quality, increase production, reduce risk and lower operating costs. Not many companies can say this: Our technology is good for the environment, your workers and the bottom line.  

We offer a variety of toolsworkshops and services to help you operate more sustainably. Our dedicated spray experts are standing by and ready to help.

In addition, we are dedicated to environmentally friendly, safe manufacturing practices in our own facilities. Our initiatives include:

  • Reducing electricity use for lighting through solar panel installation as well as fixture and ballast upgrades
  • Purchasing raw materials with recycled material when possible
  • Water reuse in R&D processes
  • Recycling brass, steel, aluminum, plastic and paper
  • Bulk purchasing to reduce packaging waste
  • Composting in our cafeteria
  • Natural gas conservation through HVAC equipment and building upgrades
  • Health and wellness programs for our employees
  • Safety training and continuing education programs
  • Community outreach programs 

We encourage you to review an overview of our sustainability program and results. Our full Sustainability Initiatives Report, developed in reference to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards 2016, is available upon request.

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Make Every Drop Count

More than 50 billion gallons of fluid flow through our products every day. Our goal is to partner with customers to make every drop count.