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5 spray optimization tips for the paper industry

Five ways to improve efficiency in your mill


May 20

During the last few months we were regularly approached with questions about maintenance and spray process optimizations. So it seems like a good idea to revisit the most important spray optimization tips for the paper industry.

1. Take advantage of our free nozzle-audit

When did you last make a complete inventory of all nozzles in your paper machine? Together with you, our experienced sales engineers go through all of your spray applications and – if applicable – uncover optimization opportunities.

2. Uncover new opportunities to optimize your spray processes

The quality and efficiency of your spray processes is determined by numerous factors. The shape and quality of your nozzles are decisive for the result of your spraying process. However, a good nozzle can only deliver a perfect result in combination with an optimal spraying system.

  • Improve the quality of you process by aligning components
  • Lower costs through energy-efficient processes
  • Decreased downtime through abrasion-resistant and maintenance-friendly design
  • Save on chemical products through optimal control of the nozzles

3. Optimize felt cleaning

High-precision needle nozzles on your oscillator shower ensure reduced water consumption whilst improving cleaning performance. By fine-tuning the oscillator with the current machine speed the LEO®-oscillator provides an even spray coverage and complete felt cleaning. The new LEO® next generation offers increased performance and reliability for the movement of all showers.

4. Reduce cleaning times

We offer various solutions for cleaning containers and storage tanks with a diameter of up to 30m. Our range contains different types of tank cleaning products:

  • Motor-driven for high impact cleaning
  • Fluid-driven with constant speed or variable speed – depending on the pressure
  • Stationary nozzles and spray balls

5. Wide selection of nozzles to optimize cleaning, rinsing, cutting and marking

Talk to our experts to determine whether you’re using the best nozzles for each application.

For example: If clogging is an issue you might need self-cleaning nozzles. Pressurized air costs can be cut with powerful air nozzles, …