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Case Study

High speed aroma dosing of coffee jars leads to massive savings for this OEM's customer


Mai 21

One of our OEM customers got in contact with us to help them provide a solution for a leading Russian coffee packing company.

As part of a new production line assignment they were looking for a system that would be able to dose 200 coffee jars per minute with 0.02-0.05g of coffee aroma without contaminating the rim of the jar. This process typically is a bottleneck within the production process so it is essential that the system can constantly perform at the required speed. To ensure smooth control the OEM was looking for a system that could be delivered with a Russian interface.

AutoJet® F1850+ Controller with PulsaJet® Nozzles

An AutoJet® System with F1850+ spray controller and PulsaJet® nozzle is a good match for what the end customer was looking for. This food-grade system has a multilingual interface and can be set with a very high level of precision. 

By using a minimum amount of atomising air we managed to spray a fine mist of coffee aroma without hitting the rim of the jar. To ensure top level quality the AutoJet® system was extensively tested to determine the timing and dosing performance. The customer was pleased to find that the system passed the tests without any issues or blockages


The OEM customer was happy to note that the AutoJet® system met the performance levels they set forth. As a result the endcustomer will enjoy a fully automated packing line. This will enable them to increase production speed to new levels. Because the process’ efficiency has increased so much they need less time, energy and employees to reach the same production figures. Naturally, the savings are massive.