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AUTOMATIC NOZZLES JAU SERIES AIR AT OM I Z I NG | AI R- ACT UAT E D OVERVIEW – JAU SERIES Air inlet NPT or BSPT (F) Shut-off needle hard drawn stainless steel Return stroke stainless steel spring for instantaneous shut-off rip-free seal Liquid inlet NPT or BSPT (F) Air-operated cylinder for instantaneous retraction of shut-off needle to start spraying FEATURES AND BENEFITS • Internal air cylinder for controlled on/off operation up to 180 cycles per minute • On/off cycle interrupts only the liquid portion of the spray. (Liquid flow to the nozzle may be by siphon, gravity-feed or pressure-feed) • Available in a wide variety of spray set-ups with unique Drip Free design for a complete selection of capacities and spray patterns 1/4JAU: • Used with smaller capacity fluid caps 1/4JAU 1/4" NPT or BSPT (F) air and liquid inlet connection 1/8" NPT or BSPT (F) air cylinder inlet connection 6218-1/4JAU 1/4” NPT or BSPT (F) with single air line • 10880-1/4JAU is specified for use with spray set-ups containing fluid cap 80150DF or 100150DF 6218-1/4JAU: • Single air line used both for spray atomization and for operation of the air cylinder • Air line is regulated at the desired on/off cycle time causing simultaneous flow of atomizing air and liquid • Operates up to 180 cycles per minute and requires a minimum air pressure of 30 psi (2 bar) D C4 | 1.630.665.5000