TankJet® 78M Tank Cleaner Ideal Replacement for 3A Spray Balls

TankJet® 78M Tank Cleaning Nozzle with Measurements

Patented Design Meets 3-A Sanitary Standards

The TankJet® 78M Sanitary Tank Cleaner is a direct replacement for the spray balls frequently used to clean dairy, food and nutraceutical tanks. This fluid-driven, sanitary unit is ideal for milk, cheese and yogurt tanks,  spray drying towers and food processing tanks of all types.  The TankJet 78M offers these important advantages:

  • Faster cleaning using less water and chemical than spray balls.  Comparison testing shows the TankJet 78M reduces cleaning time by 20% and chemical and water use by 60%.
  • Unique, multi-axis design provides high-impact 360° coverage to optimize cleaning efficiency.
  • Maintenance is fast and easy — no tools required.
  • In some operations, a single TankJet 78M can replace two spray balls.
  • Minimum Tank Opening: 2.81 in. (71.5 mm)
cleaning comparison: TankJet 78M vs 63225 Sprayball

Faster & More Powerful than Spray Balls

The multi-axis TankJet 78M tank cleaner provides more than 30 times the cleaning power of fixed spray balls and ten times the impact of most rotary spray balls to ensure fast, efficient, and thorough cleaning. This high-impact performance results in shorter cleaning cycles and reduced use of water and chemicals.
Video - TankJet 78M Sanitary Tank Cleaner

See the TankJet 78M Tank Cleaner at Work

Providing 360° coverage of tank interiors, the unit is ideal for CIP in sanitary applications. The TankJet 78M is self-cleaning and self-draining, so maintenance requirements are minimal. When necessary, it takes less than five minutes to disassemble and reassemble the unit – without the use of any tools..

Bulletin 776 - Sanitary Tank Cleaning Equipment

More Options for Sanitary Tank Cleaning 

TankJet tank cleaners are available for cleaning of all types of sanitary storage and processing tanks, mixers, blenders and even spray dry towers.

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