Showers for pulp & paper

Paper manufacturers look to Spraying Systems Co. for all the showers and spray technology needed for a range of operations — from the wet end to the dry end of the paper machine.

Wet-End Showers

Our range of built-to-order showers for the wet end of paper machines are ideal for fabric cleaning, lubrication, chemical showers and more. Both brushless and brush-type showers are available to suit your operations.

Brush spray header

Manual Brush Showers

Turning the exterior handwheel of the manually operated version rotates the interior brush assembly. During the cleaning cycle, the brushes scrub the interior wall of the shower as well as each nozzle orifice. In seconds, accumulated debris is removed and discharged through the flush-out valve. This restores full liquid flow to the system without contaminating the sprayed surface.

The brush sections are staggered at 120° intervals along the shower so the shower continues to spray during the flush-out operation. Large passages between brush sections allow full flow while the system operates. Brush interference with the nozzle inlets does not adversely affect performance when the flush-out valve is in the full operating position.

automatic brush shower

Automatic Brush Showers

Our motor/control package offers an economical way to eliminate the need for operator intervention to rotate the brushes. Retrofitting manual brush-type showers is fast and easy. In less than 10 minutes, the motor can be installed on the shower and the control unit mounted in a convenient location for operation. The unit can be set to clean at predetermined intervals, eliminating the need for any operator intervention. The unit can also be placed in manual mode, which enables the activation of individual brushes by an operator.

If you are experiencing nozzle plugging and haven’t yet invested in brush-type showers, our Automatic Brush Shower is an ideal solution. Maintenance time due to clogged nozzles can be eliminated. And, because the cleaning cycle occurs without interrupting operation, machine uptime is maximized.

Spraying Systems Co. Oscillating Showers

Oscillating Showers

The smooth, controlled movement of cleaning showers across the felt from the Oscillator Shower Assembly ensures optimal felt cleaning with minimal water usage.  Users can easily and precisely control stroke and speed of the oscillator assembly. Settings can be stored or can be adjusted on- the-fly and alarm messages display if the controller detects any operational problems. Operating parameters can even be pre-programmed prior to delivery to further simplify set-up.

The waterproof design withstands washdown and all wetted parts are constructed of 316 stainless steel. The system can be used with showers from 1-1/2" to 4" pipe sizes up to 40' (12 m) in length.

Dry-End Showers

Our showers for the dry end of paper machines are designed for effective, efficient application of chemicals, moisturizers and other additives.

  • Built-to-order showers are customer-specified to fit existing equipment and optimize performance.
  • PulsaJet® precision coating showers are ideal for applications requiring increased process control. They eliminate overspray and waste of costly resources.
  • Box-style moisturizing showers are ideal for moisturizing and chemical shower operations.
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