WhirlJet SprayDry Nozzles with Whirlchamber Design Complete With Tungsten Carbide Spray Tips For Additional Wear Resistance

Large Particle Sizes for High Volume Operations

WhirlJet SprayDry Nozzles: Overview

WhirlJet SprayDry nozzles feature a large orifice nozzle and produce a hollow cone spray pattern with uniform drop distribution that ensures consistent particle size and reduces product waste.

  • For high-pressure applications up to 5000 psi (340 bar), Type AA104 nozzles use a stainless steel lock screw to securely hold the whirlchamber against the orifice insert during high pressure spraying applications. See components
  • For reduced maintenance downtime and operation up to 1000 psi (70 bar), Type SSTC nozzles use a stainless steel spring to hold the whirlchamber against the orifice insert. See components


  • Body is constructed of stainless steel with a tungsten carbide spray tips allows whirlchamber to resist corrosion and wear; orifice inserts are carbide
  • Whirlchambers and orifices can be fabricated from other materials upon request
  • Interchangeable orifice inserts and whirlchambers allow you to select a nozzle that fits your exact application
  • Type AA104 versions use a slope-bottom whirlchamber design to minimize erosion on the bottom of the whirlchamber. This design reduces the "drilling" effect of the fluid vortex in the whirlchamber and extends wear life
  • Type SSTC versions use a flat bottom whirlchamber design that features large passages
    to eliminate clogging and downtime

Ideal for:

  • Producing large particle sizes in high volume spray drying applications
  • Spray drying of soaps and detergents; dyes and pigments; coffee and tea

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