SB Series SprayDry Nozzles with Core Design Feature Allow Maximum Free Passage Nozzles, Spray Drying Nozzles and Tungsten Carbide Spray Tips

Versatile, Clog-Resistant, Easy-to-Maintain; Ideal for Medium-Flow Applications

SB Series SprayDry Nozzles: Overview

SB Series SprayDry nozzles produce a hollow cone spray pattern with a very uniform drop size distribution. They also offer a choice of drop sizes that are controlled by the nozzle's capacity and pressure.

  • Choose from 120 interchangeable orifice insert/core combinations
  • Larger capacity orifice insert/core combinations can be used at lower pressures to minimize nozzle and pump wear
  • Maximum pressure is 7000 psi (450 bar)


  • SBH-MFP (Maximum Free Passage) SprayDry Nozzles
    • Hand tight to 7000 psi (450 bar). No tools are required which simplifies maintenance in hard-to-reach places. See components
    • Core and cap design offers increased free passage without changing spray performance. Clogging is reduced and production uptime dramatically increased
    • MFP cores have at least two slots for superior spray pattern, improved particle size distribution and a more uniform bulk density compared to single-slot designs
    • MFP design minimizes pressure drop
    • Anti-bearding design reduces build-up in the nozzle orifice minimizing contamination concerns and maintenance time
    • Includes high performance tungsten carbide spray tip version
  • SB-MFP SprayDry Nozzles
    • Maximum free passage nozzle version without hand-tight and anti-bearding features
  • SB SprayDry Nozzles
    • Reliable, basic spray dry nozzle without the maximum free passage nozzles or hand-tight features

Ideal for:

  • Commercial spray drying of powders in the dairy, food processing, chemical, biochemical, and pharmaceutical industries
  • All types of spray dryers, flow systems and open- and closed-cycle installations

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