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Spray Smarter Seminars

Optimizing spray performance can make a significant difference in many operations by:

  • Improving product/process quality
  • Reducing scrap and waste
  • Increasing production by boosting line speeds and minimizing downtime for batch changes and maintenance
  • Automating spray system operation and monitoring
  • Lowering operating costs by reducing water, chemical, compressed air and energy use

To help you learn more about spray technology and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your spray systems, we offer a variety of educational Spray Smarter Seminars. Content ranges from introductory to advanced levels. Some seminars are focused on certain applications or industries while others are more general. Seminars can be scheduled at your facility or ours. Most seminars are complimentary but a fee is charged for multi-day sessions and/or those with specialized, custom content.

Spray Smarter Seminars – Overview

Series 100 | Series 200 | Series 300 | Series 400

Series 100: Introduction to Spray Technology

Sessions run 60 to 75 minutes and are complimentary.

SS101: Learn How to Spray Smarter During Lunch

This session covers the basics of spray technology and offers general guidelines on how to spot and solve spray problems and optimize performance.

Series 200: Application/Market Spray Smarter Seminars

Sessions run one to two hours in length and are complimentary.

SS201: Spray Injectors and Quills

Learn about the key factors that impact injector design and performance and how to accurately predict performance in a duct or tower.

SS202: Tablet Coating

Seminar addresses how to ensure even, defect-free coating, minimize nozzle clogging and build-up, increase production time and more.

SS203: Spray Drying

Drop size, nozzle design, materials that extend wear life, maintenance strategies and more are covered during this session.

SS204: Coating

Seminar topics include the physics and chemistry of coatings, ways to conquer the challenges of viscous coating, the quality and cost benefits of automated coating systems and more.

SS205: Precision Spray Control

Techniques for controlling coating thickness while maintaining uniformity and tracking/validation to ensure optimal system performance are just a few of the issues included in this session.

SS206: Descaling

Seminar attendees will increase their understanding of descaling, learn how to improve impact performance, find out how to reduce water use and much more.

SS207: Vessel/Tank Cleaning

Impact, cleaning cycle times and flow rates are just a few of the aspects of tank/vessel cleaning covered during this session.

SS208: Papermaking

Learn how to reduce maintenance time, compressed air consumption, water use and more in moisturizing, cleaning, lubricating, edge trimming, bleaching, knock-off, gluing and other applications during this seminar.

SS209: Process Modeling

Attendees will become familiar with the basics of computational fluid dynamics, Finite Element Methods and Fluid Structure Interaction and how these modeling techniques are used in gas conditioning, spray dry, coating and tank cleaning applications.

Series 300: Introduction to Spray Technology

Half day or full day; customized to needs and applications; fee based on topic and length. Contact your local sales representative for details and pricing.

Series 400: Introduction to Spray Technology

Two-day seminar held at our corporate facilities in Wheaton. Schedule, details and fees.


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