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About This Policy

Spraying Systems Co. ("SSCo") wants you to know how it collects and uses your Contact Information and Purchase Data (collectively, "Data"). By interacting with SSCo through its website(s), you consent to the use of your Data as described in this policy. SSCo crafted this Privacy Policy (the "Policy") to ensure transparency regarding the collection, use and protection of your Data. The Policy also provides you with information regarding your right to access, change or remove that Data and to receive notice of any breach of the security protecting your Data. SSCo follows this Policy in accordance with prevailing law to ensure maximum protection of your Data.

Cookies & Conversion Tracking

Cookies are small text files that are sent to and stored on your computer or mobile device through your browser when you visit a website. SSCo uses cookies to improve the functionality of its website(s) and the efficiency of your browsing experience. SSCo also uses cookies when you register on its website(s) for the purpose of gathering Contact Information to send you SSCo literature. SSCo uses both first and third party cookies. First party cookies are used to recognize your computer or mobile device, and are served direct to your browser from our website(s). Third party cookies are most commonly used for website analytics and advertising purposes, and are served from a third-party website operator on behalf of SSCo to your browser. You may opt-out of receiving cookies from SSCo's website(s) or third-party providers by altering your browser preferences. Please keep in mind that limiting or blocking the use of cookies may negatively impact your browsing experience with respect to SSCo's website(s).

SSCo uses Google AdWords to advertise SSCo across the Internet, along with Google Analytics and other tools for remarketing purposes, which track your conduct after clicking on SSCo's advertisements. These "conversion codes" enable SSCo to serve advertisements to browsers after you have left SSCo's website(s). Third-party vendors, including Google, place cookies on web browsers to serve ads based on prior visits to SSCo's website(s), which allows SSCo to notify you of its many great products and services.

Information Collected

SSCo collects identifying information ("Contact Information"), which is information that identifies an individual or can be used to contact or distinguish a person. SSCo also collects some other data in connection with purchases, such as payment information and information related to credit-worthiness ("Purchase Data"). SSCo collects this Contact Information and Purchase Data when an individual or entity creates an account on SSCo's website or requests to place an order for SSCo's products. SSCo collects the following types of Contact Information and Purchase Data:

  • "Registration Information": The individual or entity's first and last name, company name, country of residence, postal address, city, state, postal code, telephone number, email address, URL, the market in which the customer operates, and the application in which the customer intends to use SSCo's products.
  • "Business Information": The individual or entity's payment information, shipping postal address, billing postal address, and telephone number.
  • "Communicative Information": Information sent by an individual or entity to SSCo for the purpose of communicating with SSCo, including Registration Information, through our sites, through one-on-one or limited group communications using our message, chat, post or similar functionality, where permitted by law.
  • "Location Information": Information relating to your geographic location provided by a mobile device interacting with SSCo's website(s) or associated with your IP address when visiting SSCo's website(s).
  • "Technical Information": Information related to viewing and technical data, including your IP address or device identifier when visiting SSCo"s website(s).

Use of Data

SSCo has designated one of its employees as its data controller (the "Controller") to manage the collection, processing, use and security of your Data and to grant others within SSCo permission to access Data as necessary to perform their job functions. SSCo will only use your Information for the following purposes:

  • Providing you with technical and informational support regarding SSCo's products;
  • Providing you with the products, services, and information you have requested from SSCo;
  • Providing you with offers and promotions;
  • Communicating with you about your account or transactions with SSCo, including changes to SSCo's website(s), purchasing policies, prices, and privacy policies;
  • Improving SSCo's service offerings, response times to customer inquiry; and
  • Investigating fraud or for the purpose of preventing activities that violate SSCo policies or existing law.

Sharing of Information

SSCo will only share your Data in limited circumstances, including:

  • For the purpose of completing transactions for products purchased through SSCo's website(s) (Purchase Data only);
  • For the purpose of completing an order, such as delivery of products or customer service requests (Contact Information only)
  • In connection with the sale of part or all of SSCo's business;
  • With third-parties to enforce the terms of this Policy, to ensure the safety and security of SSCo's website(s) and that of SSCo's guests and third-party contractors, to comply with legal process or where otherwise required by law; and
  • With SSCo's affiliate entities in order to achieve order fulfillment and to provide superior customer service.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

  • Correct, augment or delete your registered account and all stored Information;
  • Amend your privacy choices regarding receipt of newsletters, offers, promotions and other alerts;
  • Revoke your consent to SSCo collecting or processing your Data;
  • Restrict the extent SSCo shares your Data;
  • Request in writing a copy of your Data stored by SSCo;
  • Request in writing a list of the categories of Data disclosed to third-parties, along with those companies' names and addresses (California residents only)
  • Request in writing a copy of this privacy statement;
  • Receive notification of any breach of security with respect to your Data

You may exercise your rights to revoke your consent to SSCo, to see a copy of your Data and to correct, augment or delete your Data by writing to SSCo's Controller at, and including a detailed expression of your request.

Please be aware that if you do not allow SSCo to collect certain Data, revoke your consent to SSCo's use or sharing of your Data, SSCo may not be able to deliver to you products ordered or services requested on its website(s).

Data Security

The security and safety of your Data is SSCo's top priority. SSCo implements technical, administrative and physical security measures designed to protect your Data from unauthorized access, disclosure or modification. SSCo also requires by contract that all third-party service providers handling or processing your Data implement and maintain safeguards at least as restrictive as SSCo's own. SSCo is "PCI Compliant" and a third-party provider performs monthly scans of SSCo's data collection servers to ensure continued compliance. Purchase Data is stored in a secured database and order information is segregated from certain purchase data (such as encrypted credit card information) to ensure further protection.” In the event of a breach of data security related to your Data, SSCo will provide you with written notice of the breach, and will provide you with information related to the breach, including what happened, what Data was involved, what SSCo is doing and what you can do.

Changes to Privacy Policy

SSCo reserves the right to alter or amend this Policy as deemed necessary to accommodate changes in technology, industry practice, and legal or regulatory developments. SSCo will provide you with notice in the event changes are material in nature, and obtain your consent.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

SSCo intends to maintain compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act when transmitting commercial email to you. Such communications shall include information on where SSCo is located, and how to opt-out of receiving future commercial emails.

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