AutoJet PWM Panels Conveniently Activate Electrically-Actuated Nozzles

Get Peak Performance from PulsaJet® Automatic Spray System Nozzles

AutoJet Pulse Width Modulated Flow Control Panel: Overview

AutoJet PWM spray control panels provide a convenient way to activate PulsaJet electrically-actuated spray nozzles at a specific frequency and duty cycle. The panels can be used stand-alone or controlled by a remote external system to drive up to 16 PulsaJet spray nozzles.


  • Simple, cost-effective method for implementing Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow controlPulse Width Modulated (PWM) flow control
  • Drive up to 16 PulsaJet nozzles to maximum cycle speed of 15,000 cycles per minute
  • Quick installation – panels contain all necessary equipment for “plug-and-spray” operation
  • Application security – duty cycle can be set by a dial on the front panel or inside the locked panel

Ideal for:

  • Coating
  • Lubrication

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