AutoJet Mold Inhibitor Automated Spray System Provides Consistent, Effective and Efficient Applications of Natamax® B on Baked Goods

AutoJet® Food Safety System for Baked Goods: Effective, Efficient Application of Mold Inhibitors

AutoJet Mold Inhibitor Spray System: Overview

The AutoJet Food Safety Spray System consistently applies the proper volume of mold inhibitor while providing complete coverage with minimal waste.


  • AutoJet Spray Controller with built-in application software provides accurate, intermittent spraying of mold inhibitor
  • Precision Spray Control (PSC) ensures consistent volumes are applied even if line speed varies
  • Hydraulic PulsaJet® automatic spray nozzles provide accurate delivery without misting or plugging
  • Control panel is wash down capable
  • Auto-refill option can be added for continuous run without interruption
  • Agitation keeps suspensions mixed thoroughly
  • Simple adjustments for quick product changeover
  • Unattended operation – alarms notify workers if intervention is required

Ideal for:

  • Mold inhibitor application on all types of baked goods after baking or depanning
AutoJet Mold-Inhibitor Spray Systems Bulletin 691

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