AccuCoat Pan Spraying System Boosts Production and Improves Quality of Chocolate Coating Systems Through Leading Automatic Spray Control

Precise Temperature Control Ensures Uniform Coating and In-Process Cooling Boosts Throughput

AccuCoat Pan Spraying Systems: Overview

AccuCoat® Pan Spraying System has a proven track record of doubling production when coating nuts, almonds or extruded cereals with chocolate when compared to traditional manual chocolate coating equipment. This fully automated spray system provides many additional advantages over other spray control systems including minimizing waste and improving product safety.


  • Increased production – up to six times faster than manual ladling and coating
  • Fully automated spray system enables workers to be re-assigned to other tasks
  • Automated heated spray system is more hygienic than manual coating
  • Closed-loop temperature control eliminates overheating and melting problems; provides precise temperature for cooling
  • Heated Spray System can be equipped with one or two nozzles or expanded to a fully-centralized pan coating system
  • More than 20 recipes can be pre-programmed to facilitate batch changes

Ideal for:

  • Coating with chocolate
  • Coating other confectionaries including hard candies, jelly beans and chocolate-covered centers
  • Applying cheese and other viscous coatings in pans