AutoJet® AccuCoat Heated Spray Systems Minimize Waste and Maximize Throughput When Applying Viscous Coatings

Advanced Heated Spray Technology Ensures Even, Uniform Coating

AccuCoat Heated Spray System: Overview

AccuCoat® Heated Spray Systems eliminate the problems associated with traditional viscous coating application methods. The automated spray system provides precise temperature control, accurate coating placement and many automated features to eliminate waste and reduce downtime between batches.


  • Precise temperature control from tank to the target – no more waste caused by coatings that are too hot or cold
  • Coatings are accurately applied to the target with minimal excess or misting
  • The automatic spray control system self-adjusts for line speed changes to maximize production time
  • Multiple batch modes can be pre-set, eliminating manual adjustments and minimizing changeover time

Ideal for:

  • Coating with chocolate, sugar slurries and glazes
  • Applying oil and butter
  • Spraying other coatings, ingredients and barriers that are solid or viscous at room temperature

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