AutoJet Model 2008+ Modular Spray Systems Provide Real-Time Monitoring of Spray Processes

Improve System Performance with Onboard Timing Control Software

AutoJet Model 2008+ Spray Control Panel

For intermediate level control of PulsaJet spray nozzles, the Model 2008+ Spray Control panel is an ideal choice. Providing automatic control of up to 16 PulsaJet nozzles, the controller monitors pre-set variables to ensure accurate spray placement on the target.


  • Cycles PulsaJet nozzles up to 50% faster to ensure uniform coverage of conveyors and moving objects at even faster line speeds
  • Operates PulsaJet nozzles at up to 250% higher pressure to spray higher viscosity coatings
  • Distance-based timing control ensures more accurate placement of intermittent sprays at variable line speeds
  • Wide range of input and output signals to allow use of a variety of sensors, including trigger sensors, line speed sensors, pressure transducers and more
  • Optional zone control to turn individual
  • Provides Precision Spray Control (PSC) to ensure uniform coverage and accurate flow rate adjustments based on line speed

Ideal for:

  • Coating
  • Conveyor spraying
  • Lubricating
  • Marking
  • Batch spray control