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Automated Spray Control increases Spray Nozzle Performance with Autojet® Model 1550 Modular Spray Systems

Compact, Easy-to-Use AutoJet Spray System Provides Basic Control of Automatic Nozzles

AutoJet Model 1550+ Modular Spray System: Overview

This self-contained automated spray system is ready to go right out of the box and includes everything you need to operate your automatic spray nozzles.


  • Complete automated spray control of nozzles ensures precision and accurate placement of the sprayed liquid with minimal waste
  • Automatic air and liquid control means proper flow and drop size; eliminates uneven application of the spray solution
  • Precision Spray Control (PSC)Precision Spray Control when used with electrically-actuated PulsaJet® and AA250AUH nozzles
  • Choose your level of control: liquid pressure only; liquid pressure and atomizing air pressure; or liquid pressure, atomizing air pressure and fan air pressure
  • Versatile automatic spray system – operates both electrically- and pneumatically-actuated nozzles
  • Self-contained unit can be set-up in minutes

Ideal for:

  • Coating
  • Lubricating
  • Marking
  • Conveyor operations
  • R&D or pilot runs, yet durable enough for full-scale production