AutoJet® Pan Oiling Systems for Bakeries

Accurate spray placement with minimal overspray and misting reduces lubricant consumption, decreases maintenance downtime and improves worker safety.

bread pans being sprayed

Increase Production, Improve Quality & Lower Operating Costs with Precision Spray Control

Applying release agent for pan oiling can be time-consuming and wasteful. And the mess created by misting and overspray that often results from imprecise release agent application can create safety hazards for your employees. AutoJet® Pan Oiling Systems can increase the precision of your application, enabling you to increase line speed, reduce the consumption of release agent, minimize overspray and create a safer working environment.

AutoJet 1750+ product grouping

AutoJet® Pan Oiling System Benefits

  • Ensures uniform, consistent coverage of release agents even when line speeds vary
  • Automated on/off control eliminates drips and leaks that cause quality problems 
  • Choice of manual operation or automated control allows you to configure a system to match your requirements
  • Optional spray headers ensure proper fluid delivery to the nozzles for trouble-free operation
Pan Lubrication with PulsaJet Spray Nozzles

See How Precision Pan Oiling Can Improve Your Operations

Automating the application of your release agent can provide quick payback.  Learn how Precision Spray Control can make a difference in your operations.

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AutoJet® Precision Spray Control Systems

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AutoJet+ 1000 controller

Модель AutoJet 1000+

Простий час увімкнення/вимкнення автоматичних форсунок

AutoJet 1750+ Spray Controller

Модель AutoJet 1750+

Точне керування розпиленням для десяти форсунок PulsaJet®

AutoJet 2008 controller

AutoJet® E2008+

Точне керування розпиленням до 16 форсунок PulsaJet®

AutoJet 2250 Controller

AutoJet® E2850+

Продвинутий точний контроль розпилення до 32 форсунок PulsaJet®

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