Application Literature


AutoJet® L210 and P400 Lubrication Systems, Bulletin 1604 • View

FloMax® Air Atomizing Nozzles, Bulletin 487E • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Food Processing, Bulletin 524E • View

Beverage Can Coating Nozzle, Bulletin 559 • View

A Guide to Optimizing Spray Injector Performance, Bulletin 579C • View

Optimizing Spray Injector Performance in Petroleum Refining, Bulletin 617A • View

A Guide to Parts and Equipment Washing, Rinsing and Drying Using Spray Technology, Bulletin 636 • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Dust Control, B652A • View

AccuJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler System, Bulletin 661D • View

SV SprayDry® Nozzle Maintenance and Assembly Guide, Bulletin B680C • View

TankJet Products, Quick Reference Guide, Bulletin 688F • View

SprayDry® Nozzles, Bulletin 695B • View

SprayDry® Nozzles Performance Data • View

Sulfur Guns, Bulletin 696A • View

Water Spray Optimization and Maintenance Guide, Bulletin 697 • View

Maximum Free Passage FullJet® Nozzles, Bulletin 703C • View

AccuJet® Electrostatic Conveyor System, Bulletin 710B • View

OptiMax Injector, Bulletin 724A • View

New CBA Sulfur Gun, Bulletin 732A • View

Case Studies and Capabilities Overview Bulletin 733 • View

AutoJet® 1000+ Timing Controller, B735 • View

AutoJet® Food Safety Spray Systems for Cheese, B742 • View

FloMax®-S01 Steam Atomizing Retractable Injector, Bulletin 743A • View

AutoJet® Floor and Carpet Coating Spray System, B744 • View


WindJet® Air Products, Catalog 20F • View

A Guide to Spray Technology for Steel Mills, Catalog 44B • View

TankJet® Tank Cleaning Products, Catalog 75TJ • View

Case Studies

Automated Spray System Saves Aluminum Strip Producer US$240,000 Annually, Case Study 121 • View

Automated Spray System Slashes Oil Use for Pizza Producer; Saves US$50,000 Annually, Case Study 123 • View

Spray Injectors Reduce Nox by 45%, Case Study 124 • View

Automated Antimicrobial Intervention Maintains Food Safety, Case Study 126 • View

Energy Use Slashed in Drying and Cooling Operations, Case Study 128 • View

Chemical Processor Experiences Significant Savings with New Tote Cleaning System, Case Study 130 • View

Glass Coating System Reduces Scrap by 75%, Case Study 131 • View

Can Manufacturer Doubles Chain Life with Electrostatic Lubrication System, Case Study 133 • View

Snack Maker Improves Quality, Reduces Oil Waste, Case Study 137 • View

Wine Bottle Manufacturer Slashes Compressed Air Use with Air Cannon System, Case Study 139 • View

Automotive Parts Manufacturer Reduces Oil Use by 50% with New Lube System, Case Study 140 • View

Powder Manufacturer Saves More than $75,000 with New Automated Tank Cleaner, Case Study 142 • View

Automated Spray System Eliminates 80,000 Pounds of Rework Each Month for Aluminum Mfg, Case Study 145 • View

New Spray Header Improves Tablet Coating Operation and Saves Manufacturer US$25,000, Case Study 162A • View

Automobile Parts Manufacturer Reduces Production Costs by 50% with New Lubrication System, Case Study 189 • View

Electrostatic Spray Coating Cuts Pita Bakery's Oil Use in Half, Saving US$2,700 Monthly, Case Study 198 • View

Automotive Company Reduces Daily Oil Usage by 70% with Automated Spray System, Case Study 211 • View

Food Safety Improved and Antimicrobial Use Slashed by 75% with AutoJet® Food Safety System, Case Study 247 • View

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Saves US$36,000 Annually with TankJet® Tank Cleaning Units, Case Study 250 • View

Change in Cleaning Equipment Saves Personal Care Products Company 1.2 Million Gallons of Water and a $1 Million Boiler Investment, Case Study 259 • View

Hercules Drawn Steel Saves US$50,000 in Oil Costs with AutoJet® Precision Spray System, Case Study 260 • View

Electrostatic Chain Oiler System Eliminates Contamination Concerns on Can Lines, Case Study 263 • View

Manufacturer Saves US$176,000 Annually with AutoJet® Carpet and Flooring Spray System, Case Study 264 • View

Cheese Manufacturer Slashes Mold Inhibitor Use in Half; Saves US$143,000 Annually with AutoJet® Food Safety Spray System, Case Study 265 • View

Peanut Butter Producer Saves More than US$85,000 Per Year with TankJet® Tank Cleaners, Case Study 266 • View

Bakery Solves Safety Issues, Eliminates Compressed Air and Reduces Oil Use by 50%, Case Study 269 • View

Bakery Reduces Oil Use by 58% and Improves Worker Safety with AutoJet® Spray System, Case Study 271 • View

AutoJet® Spray System Saves Steel Producer more than US$200,000 Annually, Case Study 272 • View

Bakery Eliminates Mist and Reduces Release Agent Use with AutoJet® Spray System • View

How a Food Safety Initiative Ended Up Improving Worker Safety and Reducing Bakery's Environmental Footprint, Case Study 276 • View

White Papers

How to Reduce Compressed Air Consumption in Drying and Blow-Off Applications, White Paper 102 • View

Three Simple Ways to Dramatically Reduce Water Use, WP116 • View