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Case Studies

Chemical Processor Experiences Significant Savings with New Tote Cleaning System, Case Study 130A • View

Powder Manufacturer Saves More than $75,000 with New Automated Tank Cleaner, Case Study 142A • View

Food Ingredient Mfg Cuts Tank Cleaning Time by 75% and Offsets Equipment Cost, Case Study 160A • View

Waste Hauler Saves More Than US$60,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Expenses, Case Study 164A • View

New System Increases Number of Trucks Cleaned Daily and Reduces Downtime for Nozzle Repairs, Case Study 170A • View

Cereal Manufacturer Improves Worker Safety and Increases Production Time, Case Study 171A • View

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Reduces Cleaning Time by 80%; Equipment Cost Offset in Two Weeks, Case Study 181A • View

Power Plant Saves Over US$20,000 Annually on Tank Cleaning Labor, Case Study 197 • View

Candy Manufacturer Cleans Peanut Roaster 16 Times Faster Saving US$30,000 per Year, Case Study 206 • View

Industrial Tank Cleaning Service Saves US$1,000 with Every Wash, Case Study 221 • View

Ethanol Producer Reduces Wear, Saves US$20,000 with Tank Cleaner, Case Study 224 • View

Transit Agency Saves More Than US$22,000 Annually with Mobile Unit for Drum Cleaning, Case Study 239 • View

Chemical Manufacturing Plant Saves US$36,000 Annually with TankJet® Tank Cleaning Units, Case Study 250 • View

Change in Cleaning Equipment Saves Personal Care Products Company 1.2 Million Gallons of Water and a $1 Million Boiler Investment, Case Study 259 • View

Peanut Butter Producer Saves More than US$85,000 Per Year with TankJet® Tank Cleaners, Case Study 266 • View

Automating Duct Cleaning Reduces Water Use by 65% and Improves Worker Safety, Case Study 278 • View

Changes in Cleaning Operation Results in 50% Reduction in Water Use for Paper Mill, Case Study 287 • View

TankJet® Tank Cleaners Save Cleaning Facility US$42,000 in Maintenance Costs and Reduce Water Consumption by 40%, Case Study 288 • View

White Papers

How To Get Tanks & Totes Cleaner in Less Time & Lower Costs, White Paper 110 • View