Automatic Brush Shower, Bulletin 561B • View

Modular Air Atomizing Manifold, Bulletin 562C • View

A Guide to Optimizing Spray Injector Performance, Bulletin 579C • View

Optimizing Spray Injector Performance in Petroleum Refining, Bulletin 617A • View

54500 Modular Heated Air Atomizing Manifold, Bulletin 683 • View

AutoJet® Precision Spray Control Systems for Food Contact, Bulletin 711 • View

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OptiMax Injector, Bulletin 724A • View

Case Studies and Capabilities Overview Bulletin 733 • View

Sustainability Initiatives and Results, B749 • View

Case Studies

Spray Injectors Reduce Nox by 45%, Case Study 124A • View

Ethylene Plant Doubles Production and Increases Profitability with New Gas Cooling Injectors, Case Study 144A • View

Sulfuric Acid Mfg Increases Revenue by More Than US$40,000 per Year with New Spray Injectors, Case Study 163A • View

Refinery Improves Safety, Reduces Downtime with New Cooling Quills, Case Study 169A • View

Steel Mill Eliminates Unscheduled Production Delays, Case Study 177A • View

Switching Nozzles Saves Waste-to-Energy Plant US$100,000 per Year, Case Study 204 • View

New SteamMax Nozzles and Injectors Help Petrochemical Producer Increase Efficiency, Case Study 228 • View

Facing Plant Shutdown, Chemical Producer Meets Compliance Requirements with FloMax® Nozzles, Case Study 261 • View