AccuJet® Electrostatic Chain Oiler Systems

Extend chain life, reduce oil use and minimize conveyor downtime with AccuJet Electrostatic Chain Oiler Systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Uniform Lubrication Between Pin and Bushing

Electrostatic nozzles apply chain lube to the key lubrication points on the chain with extremely high transfer efficiency, saving oil, reducing chain breaks and limiting the downtime often associated with chain-driven conveyors. They allow for:

  • Double the chain life, due to uniform lubrication of the critical area between the pin and bushings.
  • A safer work environment, due to elimination of oil mist.
  • Reduced risk of product contamination from process lubricant.
  • Reduced oil usage and operating costs.
  • Minimal cleanup caused by overspray.
  • Quick installation on-site — no programming required.

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AccuJet Electrostatic Chain Oiler System

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