Klarion solutions are so safe, no safety gear is required

The Klarion system produces cleaner and sanitizer in ready-to-use concentrations.

In addition, the Klarion cleaner and sanitizer are non-irritating to eyes and skin and are fragrance free. Workers no longer need to wear protection gear when cleaning, more time can be spent working instead of suiting up or being trained on safety procedures for cleaning.

Klarion system users report happier, healthier and more productive workers. One facility manager reports "my workers would quit if I went back to using traditional chemicals." Other system users have reported a decrease in employee turnover due to a safer work environment. 

"Half my workers would quit if I went back to using traditional chemicals."


"Employee turnover has decreased now that we're using Klarion. Workers appreciate the safer work environment."


How the Klarion™ System Produces Powerful, Safe Cleaners and Sanitizers Watch

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