Dust control solutions for mining

Effectively control and suppress dust with our mining dust control solutions

Mining Applications

Estrazione di bauxite

Bauxite Mud Cleaning

Improve water wastage and save on labor costs

Pulizia dei nastri

Belt Cleaning

Ensure fine ore fragments are removed

Autocarro antipolvere

Chute Dust Solutions

Effectively clean your chutes using our automated solution

Trasportatore di carbone

Conveyor Solutions

Clean conveyor belts with our automated solution

Filtrazione della polvere


Prevent spray nozzle blockages with strainers

Lavaggio a spruzzo

Launder Spray

Clean launder trays with custom spray solutions

Impiallacciatura di vagoni ferroviari

Rail Car Veneering

Suppress dust is rail car veneering operations

Cestino ROM

Rom Bin Solutions

Suppress dust in and around your rom bins

Accumulo di carbone

Stockpile Solutions

Effectively suppress airborne dust from stockpiles

Vagliatura a umido-2

Wet Screening

Increase productions and reduce water consumption with spray technology

Tecnologia spray per il controllo della polvere

Spray Technology for Dust Control Bulletin

Read our bulletin for details on how we can help you reduce and control dust on your site