Major players in the automotive industry use spray technology from Spraying Systems Co. in their daily operations. Our solutions ensure both quality and efficiency when spraying the lubrication, coatings and sealants required for manufacturing every part of a car. Our unmatched product line ensures we have the right nozzles and automated systems to meet your production needs, as well as your performance and sustainability goals.

Common Applications


We can precisely spray any lubricant — even tough-to-spray wax-based lubes. Not only do our solutions ensure uniform application, but they can reduce coating consumption for improved sustainability and quick payback.

Product Spotlight

Auto company reduces stamping lube usage by 70%. 

Cleaning / Washing

For multi-stage pretreatment systems before finishing, we’ve got you covered.  Our experts will help you find the right solution for your specific application.

Product Spotlight

Quick-connect nozzle systems improve spray performance and reduce maintenance time. 


The right spray technology applies costly coatings precisely when and where they’re needed, with uniform coverage that improves product consistency. Our wide range of systems can apply even the most viscous coatings.

Product Spotlight

Windshield manufacturer eliminates nozzle clogging, saves US$75,000.

Automotive Manufacturing Success Stories


Spraying Systems Co. installed an automated lubrication spray system to ensure precise, uniform application of lubricant before forming auto parts.


Spraying Systems Co. ran an on-site test to demonstrate its ability to control liquid flow and drop size.

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