Download the Understanding Drop Size Spray Technology Whitepaper

The importance of drop size information has increased considerably during the last decade. Many spray applications such as evaporative cooling, gas conditioning, fire suppression, spray drying and agricultural spraying rely on this information for effective use. It is increasingly important for engineers to understand the basic atomization process and how it is evaluated.

The science and technology of atomization has evolved dramatically as spray applications have become more sophisticated. Major advancements in spray analysis and spray characterization instrumentation have been made. Research and regulatory organizations such as ASTM®, Institute for Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems (ILASS) and ISO are dedicated to the advancement of atomization research and technology. These efforts have been well documented in the proceedings of many conferences and in the publication of drop size related standards.

This whitepaper is designed to provide engineers with a working knowledge of drop size and related issues.

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