AutoJet® Model 2250+ Spray Controller

As operating conditions change, automatically adjust spray performance with the AutoJet Model 2250+ spray control panel from Spraying Systems Co.

Real-time, Advanced Control of Automatic Nozzles

The AutoJet Model 2250+ spray controller monitors and compensates for external conditions such as changing line speed. It’s ideal for coating, conveyor spraying, lubricating, marking and batch spray control. It allows for:

  • Fine-tuned timing of automatic spray nozzles to accurately spray moving targets.
  • Closed-loop control of spray variables.
  • Maximized cycle speed of automatic spray nozzles.
  • Automatic clean-out cycles to minimize nozzle plugging.
  • Easy programming of system set point parameters.
  • Precise control of liquid pressure and atomizing air pressure to ensure proper flow rate, spray angle and drop size.
  • Precision Spray Control to vary the flow rate without changing spray performance when used with electrically actuated PulsaJet® spray nozzles.
  • Detection of increased or decreased flow due to nozzle wear or blockage possible.
  • Operator notification or automatic shutdown on specified faults.
  • Integrated control of the spray application with existing plant control systems.     

System offerings vary by region. Contact your local sales office for options.

AutoJet® Model 2250+ Spray Controller Success Stories

Flat Glass Manufacturer Reduces Scrap by 75% With Automated Spray Coating System

PanelSpray® MS System Increases Fiberglass Production, Saves Manufacturer Over US$140,000 Annually

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