Case Study

Change in Tank Cleaning Equipment Saves Personal Care Products Company 1.3 Million Gallons of Water

Decrease in hot water use eliminated the need to invest $1 million in a new boiler system


A manufacturer of shampoo, conditioner and lotion was looking for ways to reduce water use – especially heated water. A boiler room expansion costing $1 million was imminent unless the manufacturer could find ways to use less water.

When we suggested installing new automated equipment to clean 14 large mixing tanks, the manufacturer was skeptical. Automated cleaning equipment was already being used in many of the tanks and the manufacturer didn’t think a change to different equipment could make a dramatic difference. However, we were able to validate our recommendations with a few lab tests and calculating the water and energy required to operate our equipment.

Using our high-impact motor-driven TankJet® equipment, the manufacturer was able to clean the mixing tanks thoroughly and consistently using less water than the previous equipment. Multi-axis rotating solid stream sprays quickly and effectively removed residue. The time required to clean each tank decreased between 25% and 50%.

The change to TankJet cleaning equipment enabled the manufacturer to reduce water use by 1.32 million gallons annually and natural gas consumption by 21%. The change proved positive in other ways as well. Since hot water is required for cleaning, the decrease in water use has extended the life of the manufacturer’s boiler system and eliminated the need to make a $1 million investment in new equipment. The dependability of the new tank cleaners has reduced maintenance downtime and eliminated approximately $20,000 per year in repair costs required by previous equipment.

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TankJet® AA190

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TankJet® AA190 Tank Cleaner

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High-Impact Tank Cleaning with TankJet AA190 Tank Cleaner

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