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How Maintenance Protocols Can Help You Produce More


Nothing puts customers to sleep like the words "preventative maintenance". But successful businesses must consider maintenance as productive!


Jul 21

Nothing quite puts our customers to sleep like the words “preventative maintenance.” And is this any surprise? We’re in a booming technological environment where we’re rewarded for doing more and producing more – faster. Maintenance is swept to the side, a slow sibling to production, better left for another day.

Writer Jenny Odell puts it best in her book How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy, “Our very idea of productivity is premised on the idea of producing something new, whereas we do not tend to see maintenance and care as productive in the same way.”¹ To Odell’s point, successful businesses must consider maintenance as productive.

In fact, maintenance could be the most ignored productivity tool at our disposal.

Simple maintenance schedules and protocols prevent everything from minimal waste to total plant shutdowns. Nozzle maintenance schedules can prevent even further loss.

In the video pictured above, you’ll see that nearly identical looking sprays can be deceiving. A nozzle spraying at 30% over capacity looks just the same as a new nozzle, but using it would require applying more power to supply additional pressure, which, in turn, will cause the nozzle to spray more liquid. Along with spraying additional liquid, the increased effluent may cause damage to downstream equipment, thus upsetting operations. This additional spray is waste. A simple nozzle replacement program could mean hundreds to thousands of dollars saved in excess sprayed liquid and added power supply or, the prevention of millions of dollars worth of downtime and quality control issues.

For our customers, we provide free wear testing to support more reliable maintenance protocols and process predictability. For customers with high-yield, large-scale applications, we offer built-in systems to detect nozzle wear faster and more reliably while in operation. With our spray systems, we help you produce. Let us also help you maintain, so you can continue to produce more with less and add value to your product and process.

Learn more about spray optimization here. Or, contact us to schedule an evaluation of your spray operations today!

¹ Odell, J. (2020). How To Do Nothing: Resisting the attention economy. Melville House.