Food Headers and Manifolds

Food Headers and Manifolds

Optimize your nozzle performance with configurable food-safe headers and manifolds from Spraying Systems Co. Our solutions prevent costly quality problems by ensuring proper fluid / air flow and precise positioning over targets in every type of application.

Manifold with variable spacing

  • Easily adjustable nozzle spacing
  • Hydraulic or air atomizing spray nozzles
  • Non- or semi-jacketed
  • PWM signal junction box
  • PulsaJet® zoning (option)
  • Liquid connections in DIN (standard), TriClamp, SMS, ½’’
  • Easy cleaning
  • Purge valve

Hygienic Manifold

  • For antimicrobial applications using a single PulsaJet® nozzle.
  • Modular configurations, combine for coverage of 31 cm to 122 cm width
  • 2 to 4 nozzles, 15cm spacing
  • Thread or sanitary connection
  • Compact design
  • Integrated piping
  • Jacketed header
  • Hydraulic or air atomizing spray guns
  • Liquid connections in DIN (standard), TriClamp, SMS, ½’’

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