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AutoJet® E2150+ Spray Controller

Spray Controllers

AutoJet® E2150+ Spray Controller

Improve the performance of PulsaJet® spray nozzles with the AutoJet® E2150+ Spray Controller and onboard timing control software from Spraying Systems Co.

Advanced Control of PulsaJet® Automatic Nozzles

The AutoJet® E2150+ spray controller works with up to 16 PulsaJet® nozzles, monitoring pre-set variables to ensure accurate spray placement on the target. It’s ideal for coating, conveyor spraying, lubricating and marking.

In combination with the PulsaJet® automatic nozzle the system achieves very high cycling speeds. 
This allows adjustment of the flow rate based on changing operating conditions such as:

  • Belt speed
  • Pressure fluctuations
  • Product change
  • Recipes
  • ... and much more

The automatic spray nozzles can be controlled via a single channel (with a maximum of 16 nozzles) or via two channels (each with a maximum of eight nozzles).

High precision editions also offer the following optional functionality:

  • One flowmeter per channel for more accurate spraying
  • Automatic liquid pressure and air pressure control 
  • Profinet support for full integration of your PLC 

The AutoJet® E2150+ Spray System can be used as an autonomous spray system or can be integrated into any existing process control system. 

AutoJet® E2150+ Spray Controller Spray Layouts

Single Channel

Dual Channel

Single Channel with Zoning

Dual Channel with Zoning

AutoJet® E2150+ Spray Controller Case Studies

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