Descaling Nozzles

Descaling Nozzles

Optimal descaling starts with the descaling nozzle - and no one has as much experience in this area as we do.

DescaleJet® Pro+ Nozzles

  • Highest impact - Maximizes flow velocity, minimizes turbulence
  • Large effective coverage – Minimizes number of nozzles required and water use
  • Long service life– Wear resistant materials, durable one-piece stabilizer design.
  • Wide range of tip bodies connections and stabilizing attachments – Easy interchangeable integration into current descale lines
DescaleJet Pro

DescaleJet® Pro Nozzles

  • Advanced vane design reduces turbulence while increasing water velocity for high impact
  • Orifice design produces large effective coverage and enables use of fewer nozzles and eliminates wasted water
  • Carbide material reduces wear and extends service life
  • Wide range of threaded and weld connections, stabilizing attachments and tip bodies for easy integration in existing installations
four DescaleJet nozzles

26180/26190 DescaleJet® and AA218/AA219 DescaleJet® Nozzles

  • Internal vane and tight spray pattern increase impact
  • Hardened stainless steel or tungsten carbide inserts extend service life
  • Self-aligning spray tips reduce installation/replacement time
  • 26180/26190 series features flat seat design to expedite maintenance
  • AA218/AA219 series features an internally threaded cap to protect against splashback damage

HiScaleJet, HSJ and Mini HiScaleJet Nozzles

  • Comparable performance to AA218/AA219 and 26180/26190 DescaleJet® nozzles but with body styles to match different header designs
  • HiScaleJet and Mini HiScaleJet feature a flat seated surface and long alignment flat on the tip body for positive alignment
  • HSJ features a flat seating surface and larger and durable alignment lugs at the base of the tip holder
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