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Sustainability Tip

Sustainability Tip: Drying and blow-off process without compressed air

Weekly sustainability tip


Oct 19

Many production processes require a drying or a blow-off stage to prepare or finish materials. This often requires inefficient and noisy machinery that is not very effective in getting the job done. At Spraying Systems Co., we have developed a wide range of sophisticated WindJet® nozzles and regenerative blowers to enable the drying and blow-off process without compressed air. The nozzles are more effective and save money and resources.

How do we handle the drying and blow-off process without compressed air?

Our regenerative blowers use a dynamic operating principle that recycles a certain amount of air. This provides performance comparable to many multi-stage or positive displacement blowers. The compression space consists of a hollow circular ring between the tips of the impeller blades and the walls of the housing. In operation, the rotating impeller draws air from the inlet port into the compression space and moves it radially outward to the curved housing by centrifugal force. The action is called “regenerative” because a certain amount of air slips past each impeller blade during rotation and returns to the base of a succeeding blade for re-acceleration. 

The advantages of drying and blow-off

The result is a system that can reduce operating costs by as much as 95%. In addition to reducing costs, the system also creates clean, heated air. It also makes less operational noise than comparable products, creating a safer and more agreeable work environment. 

This system is an ideal replacement in the following applications:

  • Velocity rather than impact
  • The oil in compressed air is causing quality problems
  • Large application areas (more than 60 cm) 
  • Heated air is needed
  • Air knives can be placed at 10cm or less

To find out which WindJet® Air Knife package is the best fit for your drying or blow-off process be sure to contact your local spray expert.