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Case Study

Pastry producer cuts Release agent use in half with new efficient AutoJet spray System

Pastries glazing


Jan 22

With a presence in more than 50 countries and production facilities in Europe and Africa this industrial bakery is a major player in the industry. Especially know for cakes and pastry, they pride themselves on their ability to continuously improve and innovate to respond to market needs.

Recently they noticed that they were having quality issues with pastries being fried instead of baked. After inspection the problem was narrowed down to the anti-stick release agent that is used to spray the tray before the pastries are added. Normally the oil is supposed to prevent the pastries from sticking to the plates after baking. In this case they noticed that an overapplication of the release agent caused the pastries to fry whilst in the oven. Excessive application of the oil also caused misting and pollution of the surrounding workstations.

Clearly they needed to find a solution to prevent the overapplication of the oil and the resulting quality issues.

AutoJet® anti-stick spraying system

As the world leader in spray technology Spraying Systems Co. was consulted to come up with a solution to apply the correct amount of anti-stick release agent. With 80 years of experience in the bakery industry we are well placed to provide a solution for this type of application.

Before deciding on the system we first did some testing at the bakery to learn how the oil behaves under different circumstances. After the initial testing phase we selected the best nozzle for the job and did an 8-hour production line test to verify the results. Based on the successful tests we finally decided to offer a system with:

For a smooth and quick replacement of their old solution we installed our system into the existing setup by reusing the available pressure pots and headers.


After the tests demonstrated the performance of the AutoJet® system our customer immediately ordered the proposed solution.

Since the installation they no longer have any quality issues related to frying pastries. Additionally they have noticed some impressive savings due to the more efficient use of the anti-stick release agent. Compressed air consumption is a lot lower and the oil consumption is even down to 50% - a huge saving for such an expensive product.

Finally, the misting issues have been solved completely which means that the production environment is a lot cleaner and safer for the operators.