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E-commerce, F1 and Nuclear waste, some of the most unusual case studies of the last year


Nov 21

Sometimes even we are surprised by the versatility and usability of our spray technology. Even after 80+ years we are still finding new applications and opportunities for our technology to help improve our customers’ operations. In this short article we have listed some of the most unusual case studies that have made a big impact in the last year.

Delivering your gifts in time for the holidays

E-commerce has been rising steadily over the last 10 years. With the pandemic this growth has accelerated even more. More packages are being sent now than ever before and as a result every link in the chain is being put under a lot of pressure. During last year’s holiday period we were approached by a packaging company to help make sure everyone got their package under the Christmas tree in time: Read the case study

Developing a Formula 1 championship-winning car


Sometimes we get a request that all our spray expert wants to take, even though they have no idea what to expect. Recently we were approached by one of the F1 teams to help them recreate challenging race conditions: Read the case study

Safely storing nuclear waste


Even with the decision to phase-out nuclear energy by 2030, Germany still needs to figure out a way to safely store nuclear waste until that time. “AKV1” is a company that specializes in just that: the construction and modification of underground tunnel chambers for storing dangerous material. Read the case study to find out how we helped to speed up the construction of these chambers to increase AKV1’s capacity. 

What if you’re not active in Formula 1, E-commerce or nuclear waste storage?

Uncommon applications like these make us realize the breadth of our technology. They force us to push the envelope and come up with new creative solutions to help our customers. Often times thinking outside of the box for these projects leads to new insights in more ‘everyday’ applications.

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