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Case Study

Calcium carbonate producer meets customer expectations with new Humidification solution


Jan 22

Recently we were contacted by a leading international producer of industrial minerals that focusses on fillers and pigments derived from calcium carbonate and dolomite. One of their main customers requested to increase the humidity level of the calcium carbonate powder to 0,5 to 1% humidity for practical and technical reasons. In a competitive environment like this customer requests are taken very serious.

Quickly after the initial request the mining company contacted us to provide a solution that could humidify the powder to the required levels just before it was being loaded onto the trucks. Since the request was coming from an important customer they wanted a to meet their needs as quickly as possible.

AutoJet® Humidification Solution

In essence, just adding water to the calcium carbonate powder to increase the humidity level isn’t that difficult. However, the supply of powder varied with a factor of 5x depending on the time. As a result the humidifying process needs to be able to adapt to the incoming amount of powder.

To ensure the correct humidity levels were reached we needed to measure the exact amount of powder on the conveyor. Based on this amount the water flow rate was programmed to deliver between 0,5 l/min to 5 l/min according to the amount of powder on the conveyor.

With the AutoJet® E1850+ Spray Controller we have the ideal solution to meet this type of challenge. Together with 2 PulsaJet® 10000AUH-10 nozzles we were able to deliver a solution that met the customer’s expectations.


Since the request was quite urgent the technical director was happy to see that the AutoJet® solution was installed quickly and performed as expected. With an important contract on the line delay was not an option.

Thanks to the new solution the powder can now be delivered according to the required specifications. As a result only a minimum amount of powder goes to waste in the end customer’s process. This helps them a lot in meeting their ambitious sustainability goals.