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AutoJet® Lubrication Systems

AutoJet Lubrication Systems


Sep 20

AutoJet® Lubrication Systems provide a highly efficient method of applying lubricants and corrosion protection fluids. In addition to lubricating blanks, coils, pipe sections and stamping or forming tools, wires and bars can also be treated.

We know how important it is to reduce production costs and our worldwide leadership in spray technology can help you operate more efficiently and save money. Precise control of lubricating applications can reduce oil consumption by over 50% and can eliminate time-consuming cleaning of parts.

4 different AutoJet® Systems for any lubrication application

Type P170

  • For low-viscosity media
  • Hydraulic spray
  • Continuous spray
  • Speed-based

Type HP170

  • Has the same functionality as the P170 but with optional heating

Type L210

  • For low-viscosity media
  • Hydraulic spray
  • Discontinuous spray mode

Type P400

  • For all types of viscosity media
  • External mix air atomizing spray
  • Continuous spray

All systems consist of a base unit, coil lubricator and controller. An optional filter unit prevents air containing oil from polluting the surrounding air.

The base unit consists of an air-operated diaphragm pump which draws the lubricating fluid from the container through a suction filter. Lubricant is pushed through the lines to the spray nozzles mounted in the coil lubricator using low pressure. Double air jets distribute the lubricant over the work piece in a uniform film.

The coil lubricator is an effective solution for the lubrication of bands in automatic presses. Due to the sturdy stainless steel construction it is also able to withstand heavy loads. Pneumatic lifting cylinders open the coil lubricator – fixed versions are also available. The coil lubricator is fitted with a return line with an optional filter.

The AutoJet® controller accurately controls the timing of the spray for a precise and efficient spray application.

To find out all about our lubrication systems be sure to download the brochureOr contact us directly.