Case Study

Industrial Tank Cleaning Service Saves US$1,000 with Every Wash

With the TankJet® 65, T&N Enterprises no longer required a multi-person crew, reducing labor and maintenance to near zero

T&N Enterprises, an industrial cleaning services company that washes out hazardous chemicals and other materials from over-the-road tanker trucks, had major concerns over the safety of its manual method. With crews working in or around the confined space of the tankers, many risks were raised, including personal contact with potentially toxic residue and explosion issues from the chemicals being transported. As tankers fit OSHA’s definition of a “permit-required confined space,” the company was forced to take on expenses for personal protective equipment, retrieval devices and several other precautionary materials. Time, resources and money also had to be dedicated to training workers, issuing entry permits and arranging for emergency rescue service.

The company required a solution that would make the tanker clean-out process safer, quicker and more economical.

T&N Enterprises chose Spraying Systems Co. to install the TankJet® 65 tank cleaner, which features four solid stream nozzles that rotate in multiple axes to provide complete 360° coverage of the entire tank every 45 revolutions. Installation was made easy as the cleaner was hung from a 46573 tapered cone inserted into the tanker’s manway. This stainless steel assembly included a vent for vapor release and a shield to limit splash back into the manway.

The fluid-driven TankJet 65’s self-cleaning, flow-through design featured electro-polished stainless steel. Its four-nozzle hub provided fast cycle times and a tight, consistent stream pattern for a high-quality cleaning performance. Lastly, its slow, rotating speed delivered exceptional dwell time on the tank’s surface, which ranged from 40 to 44 feet (12.2 to 13.4 m) long.

With the TankJet® 65, T&N Enterprises no longer required a multi-person crew, reducing labor and maintenance to near zero. The cleaner’s ability to wash out chemical residue and other materials with medium impact, while consuming less water, significantly decreased operating costs. Specifically, water consumption was reduced by 300 gallons (1136 L) with each tanker clean-out, saving the company roughly US$1,000 every time.

Most importantly, Spraying Systems Co.’s solution eliminated T&N Enterprises’ confined space entry issues, making for much safer working conditions and reducing protective equipment and material expenses. All of these improvements resulted in a payback period of less than two months for the new tank cleaner.

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