Automated System Brands PanelSpray® Systems

Automated System Brands PanelSpray® Systems

Increase production and improve quality of engineered wood panels with PanelSpray® systems from Spraying Systems Co.

Precise Spray Application for Engineered Wood Products

PanelSpray® systems can help overcome a variety of problems that result from over- or under-application of resin, wax, water and release agents during production of OSB, MDF, plywood, particleboard and other engineered wood products. These systems can help ensure the proper volume of fluid is delivered to chips, mats, cauls and belts.

PanelSpray MS system

The PanelSpray® System Product Range

  • PanelSpray-RS applies PMDI or LPF resin in the blender.
  • PanelSpray-WX applies slack wax, tallow wax or e-wax in the blender.
  • PanelSpray-MS adds surface moisture prior to pressing boards.
  • PanelSpray-RA applies mixed release agent on mats, cauls or press belts when using MDI resins.
  • PanelSpray-NM for continuous nail line marking on oriented strand board (OSB).

PanelSpray® System Related Case Studies

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