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Which tank cleaner is right for you? Understanding the 4 factors that impact cleaning efficiency


Nov 21

Tanks and mixers are used during the production processes in most industries. While the products in the tanks vary, the challenge remains the same: How to clean your tank efficiently? 

Based on our experience with different sectors and considering Sinner's circle (which deals with the factors that should be considered for optimal cleaning) we have separated four main aspects that should be taken into consideration when choosing your ideal tank cleaning nozzle: 


The available time for cleaning your tank is crucial for selecting the equipment you need. A long cleaning process has a big impact on productivity but a short cleaning process might not deliver the required results - and is likely to be less sustainable.  


Hot water is a known solution for removing residues. But beware! Always observe the proper temperature for your equipment. The costs involved in heating the liquid is another important factor to take into account.


With some types of residues it is necessary to resort to chemicals for better cleaning results. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the material of your equipment and it’s resistance to corrosive and acid products.


When we talk about tank cleaning, impact is the aspect that will bring more results and savings to the cleaning. Selecting the ideal spray impact reduces the use of chemicals, provides a shorter cleaning cycle and, consequently limits water and energy usage.

Selecting the ideal equipment for your operation 

At Spraying Systems we have a large range of tank and tote cleaning solutions. Whether your operations require gentle rinsing or the removal of tough residues, we have the right product for any tank measuring up to 30 m in diameter.

When choosing the equipment for your operation's tanks, you should ideally look for a model that will perform efficient cleaning in the least amount of time, with the least amount of resources, and with a high impact. 

The basics sound very simple but unfortunately we replace inefficient tank cleaning solutions on a daily basis. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your tank cleaning solution be sure to contact your local spray specialist. Our experts can help you understand the characteristics of your tank cleaning operation and help you meet your goals.